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Specification List is missing things + 1 more idea
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Specification List is missing things + 1 more idea
Hi, generally Canada Computers has been good for computer purchases. I have bought 2 and am preparing to buy a 3rd from Canada Computers. They last at least 5 years without any issues. Good job. Keep it up. Your modem was good too. I have bought other stuff like mice, etc. No complains except below.

One thing I like is your checkbox selection menu for buying computers. The only thing that I find very annoying about the menu is everytime I change a checkbox it forces me to scroll down again. I have seen websites where this is not the case.

So here is the main thing (specs are not thorough enough). I typically create a little spreadsheet for purchases decisions (any larger complex decisions). The columns are the item/choice and the rows are the benefits/features. The columns actually are in sets of 3 (description, score, weighted score). So on a per row basis for score I always give a value of 10 to the best one and lower the score relatively speaking to the others. When all rows and columns are filled int my decision becomes obvious with the total score and the total weighted score at the top. The weight comes from a weight column next to the row description (row B in ms-excel). I typically sort column B such that the more important stuff goes to the top. Works great. Complex decisions become very easy to handle, it is through (nothing missed) and considering how well it works it is very fast (better than saying **** I forgot to ask about that and feeling I wasted my $1,500). Okay so now to the problem. You are missing important things on the specifications. I listed the typical things that are fairly important below. I end up having to go to the repair guys to get them to you sell it too me :-) They do a better job because they can open the machine up and tell me the answers. However that is too slow and costs you money of course. I have to ask because I hate selling poor decisions on kijiji.

1/ number of USB ports (front and back).
I see what look like USB ports but things change so fast I can't really be sure they are USB.
I buy gaming machines and I typically use 4 of these USB ports because I don't use the machine for gaming but rather market trading with a lot of monitors and the need for large ram and speed without major cost like a server,

2/ DVD drive yes/now
for image backups or whatever.

3/ Number or memory slots and number taken with the default purchase.

4/ Number of monitors it can handle without buying any adapters.
I typically use 2 at a minimum but prefer 3. Traders sometimes use as many as 8.

5/ Other 1/8 inch ports like mic input, headset output, speaker output, etc.

6/ Ethernet plug (yes I can see it but I still end up having to ask because I don't want to take it back).

7/ a full list of the monitor port types.

I will add more later as I close in on my decision

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