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Horrible Experience
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Horrible Experience

I wanted to write this post because today was an exceptionally poor day thanks to the horrible experience at your Milton location. I won't name the staff on this forum post whom I dealt with (this is against your terms of service; please contact me directly if more information is needed), however, this experience has left me to question your staff's professionalism and dedication.

I've been running a Managed Services business for nearly 6 years and Canada Computers has been a fantastic and fast source of computer gear when needed at a moments notice. I have relied on Canada Computers in the past as they usually have the stock I need; whether it is in my local home store or one of the many other stores across the GTA. The Brampton location knows me well and they can attest to my dedication as a customer.

While I have been exposed to many issues in the past such as wandering staff, product selection problems (stock counts being off), and poor policies, today's experience brought me to signing up on this forum as well as posting a yelp review. I have had enough.

After the usual review of the Canada Computers website to check stock of the items, I determined that the Milton location was closest in-stock for the monitor that I was looking to purchase. Took the trip out there deviating from my usual store (Brampton) and arrived at about 6 PM. I entered the store and went to the monitor section and found the item I wanted; however I also wanted to pick up a DisplayPort hub so I can connect more than 3 monitors to my desktop; in-luck! they had this in stock according to the site as well!

The product in question was the Club 3D 4-Port CSV-5400. This product was more difficult to find on the shelves but after asking a staff member they were able to help locate the unit without issue. Upon further inspection of the box, I asked the sales rep several questions relating to the device and its functionality. The main thing to catch my eye was the connector on one end of the device displayed on the box; namely a standard DisplayPort connector. Knowing that my video card is a Club3D R9 280X I inquired as to whether a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter was included in the box as my video card only has 2 Mini DisplayPorts on the back. The box did not list contents.

This is where the fun began.

First, the staff member did not know the answer to this seemly common question (poor knowledge of products being sold) but after asking he rather dismissed my inquiry and stated that the product would not work as I intended. He then mentioned that another person had a similar issue with the *same product* (please keep this in mind for later, an important part of this story) and resulted in a return.

At that point, he was so confident that I was wrong and instead of trying to help me he took a different stance and reiterated the common phrase "If you return this and it is not faulty there will be a restocking fee". Another staff member was passing by at that time and inquired as to what I was trying to accomplish and after explaining the situation he seemed to have the same lack of knowledge/confidence to give me a straight answer. He did, however, make the effort to check whether they had a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter in stock (which they did not).

At that point I decided to spend some time on my phone doing research to come to my own conclusion whether this product is right or not; seeing that clearly the sales rep was of no further use. As a matter of fact the entire time I was doing this research, the sales rep would continue to banter about it not being compatible and that I should not rely on the manufacturers website as being accurate (are you serious?). The other staff member then jokingly commented, "You shouldn't rely on our website either!" (WTF?)

With my research completed I decided to make the purchase. I am well aware of the restocking fee issues and have never had an issue with them in the past.

At this point, the sales rep confirmed that I would be purchasing the adapter but then repeatedly demanded I acknowledged the return policy of the item. I refused to reply; I just wanted to purchase the adapter and leave as this was now getting uncomfortable. I asked the sales rep if he would stop the sale if I didn't answer to which he kept repeating the same question. I told him whatever the receipt would display would be the applicable policy to which he then finally proceeded with the sale.

According to the manufacturers website as well as online documentation, the hub is compatible with the setup that I wanted to accomplish (It was specifically designed for this purpose as well as this is stated on the video card product web page on

I opened the product at home not only to find the questioned Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter in the box but after connecting everything it did work as specified by the manufacturer's web site!

Beyond the complete rudeness of the first staff member and clear lack of knowledge on the product as well as DisplayPort functionality in general, the most upsetting portion about this entire experience is being LIED to.

Earlier in my story, I described the sales rep telling me about a recent experience with the same product being returned for the same reason; If that was indeed the case they should have known there was an adapter, and indeed the situation clearly did not match mine!

While in the end, it's a working solution for me; today was one of the most painful experiences with your Company. It has for sure left a bad taste with me and I will consider alternatives before subjecting myself again to your staff and policies. I can guarantee you I will never visit the Milton location again.

As for the restocking fee, I fully understand the need for this in some cases and usually, I never have an issue with them. However given this experience of your staff being so unhelpful it makes this policy really difficult to deal with as a consumer.
07-13-2016 12:32 AM
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RE: Horrible Experience
What's weird is the manufacture product page doesn't say its included.

All of this could have been avoided by them simply opening the box in front of you and seeing if the adapter is included.
07-13-2016 09:10 AM
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RE: Horrible Experience
I'm sorry to hear of your poor experience at the Milton Location, I can forward this to the management of the store if you would like?

These are my own personal opinions and do not reflect those of the company or my fellow employees
07-13-2016 09:45 AM
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RE: Horrible Experience
It's actually listed in the user manual.

Package contents
Before installation, check the items in the package. The package should contain the
following items:
• Multi Stream Transport (MST) Hub DisplayPort™ 1.2 Quad Monitor
• CAC-1110 Mini DisplayPort™ to DisplayPort™ adapter
• Power Supply 2.5 Watt ( 5V 0.5 Amp )
• Quick install guide

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07-13-2016 02:39 PM
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