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Help me please
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Help me please
Hi.. We are currently shifted to Canada with my son and parents. My hubby is working abroad. My son is very much fond of online games especially empty room escape. We have no internet connection at home now. I asked my neighbor about their ISP. They are using the internet service of Acanac. I searched for their website. But I am in concern about choosing the right package We have only normal usage with internet apart from my son's gaming. Please help me to choose the best package.
06-30-2016 03:05 AM
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Rainbow RE: Help me please
Are you in a Rural area or an Urban area?

Depending on where you live, there is many different ISP's available. If you live in an Urban area there is a lot more option when looking for the best package for you. But, if you live in a Rural area internet can be hard to find.

I am guessing you live in Quebec because Acanac is a Quebecois company. Acanac offers basically the same deals as bell would in Quebec

All depends on if you're in a Rural area Or Urban.

If you want to stick with Acanac, and for the arguments sake we will say you live in an Urban area (Cable Internet) and your son is the only one on the internet plying games and you're on it regularly, i'd say that you'd be good with the 30Mbps download and 10 Mbps Upload.

The 250Gbs will give your family more than enough space for what you want to do, and the speeds are great.

Seeing now that the game your son plays is a game you play on a website, maybe even the first package would do.

It still gives you an good amount of usage (150gbs) and the speeds are not to bad. I'd go with this one to save a few $$. If you guys aren't streaming and just surfing on the web, you should be golden. If you're looking to stream, (youtube,netflix, etc) I would go with the first package I showed you. The usage for that is more preferred for that type of lifestyle Wink.

And you don't have to listen to me, the guys here have much more knowledge than myself, so hear out the other few guys!

If you're in a Rural area, we will change things up.

If not Good luck and Happy Canada day!
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07-01-2016 12:49 PM
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RE: Help me please
Acanac sells DSL in Ontario aswell. Likely a spambot account though as his listed postal code is for Vancouver.

I even forget you can see sigs.

07-03-2016 09:21 PM
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