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Help me upgrade?
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Help me upgrade?
Hi, i'm looking to upgrade my HP Pavilion Desktop - 550-129.
Looking for a new GPU with a budget of 240 CAD
Unfortunately I cannot order online due to my parents not trusting buying things online for some reason, so i'd have to go to a store to pick it up.
I was thinking of getting this GPU
with this PSU
If you have any suggestions please help me! I'm around Newmarket by the way so if you do decide to help, please make sure I can pick it up there
06-29-2016 05:31 PM
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RE: Help me upgrade?
The GPU is OK.

The PSU is not compatible, you need a Micro-ATX (uATX) power supply for that HP.

Canada Computers only carries one model and it is not powerful enough (only 300 watts), and it's online only, not available in stores.

Your options are:
1. Purchase a Micro-ATX PSU through another retailer, likely have to be online retailer, at least 350 watts.
2. Purchase a new computer case and move everything over from the HP into the new case. Get a standard ATX PSU like the one suggested in your post above since the PSU from the HP won't be compatible in a standard computer case.

Unfortunately as is often the case with HP branded computers, some uncommon parts are used and not easily replaceable. I suggest avoiding HP computers if you plan on doing upgrades to them down the road.

My thoughts, views, and opinions do not reflect that of Canada Computers and are solely my own.

My rig:
Intel Core i7-4790k
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Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB
120GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD (OS)
1TB Seagate Desktop (Games)
2TB WD Green (Storage)
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06-30-2016 02:36 PM
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RE: Help me upgrade?
This, what Mahloot said. That stupid uATX may also be known as a SFX (Small Form Factor) unit, power supply. They are most likely 1.5" shorter then regular ATX power supplies and may not fit inside that HP case.

Like Mahloot said Canada Computer's doesn't carry that type of PSU, unfortunately as it is not commonly in use. You would have to go through an online retailer such as N-EGG and order uATX form factor from them online, or you would have to buy another case (a really basic one) and move everything in there.

Something like these for around $50

Then if you put everything in there you can add a stronger PSU and the graphics card.

The only other option you have and its a long-shot if you cannot order anything online is take the tower into a CC store and explain the situation. Tell them that you want to upgrade to that particular graphics card and upgrade the PSU. As and see if the tech rep could open up your tower and measure a PSU for you (a standard ATX one) and see if it would fit inside your case. Then if you have enough room you might be able to swap, but thats up to the discretion of the staff/store you go to. I'm sure if you're nice about it, they will be more then willing to help out.

Lastly, if you do fit a PSU in there, don't get the one you chose. It's not even 80+ Bronze certified and might give you issues man. Don't cheap out on the PSU, get at least a better quality one.

[Image: 2ed154g.png]
06-30-2016 04:31 PM
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