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iCan gf6000L dashcam
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iCan gf6000L dashcam
Hey all

Im coming from a Gs1000 dashcam I bought a while back. Recently I took advantage of a sale at my local Kingston Canada Computers where I bought a gf6000L.

Background: I got in an accident several years back that a dash cam of ANY description would have saved me a TONNE of hassle and money, Im not a quality nut and Im of the opinion that almost anything is better than nothing.


Pros: Sleek construction, rounded edges, big colourful screen, decent audio/video quality, long cords etc

Cons: Non existent battery, forward facing flashing blue lights

Story: I bought this and almost immediately noticed it died when unplugged, no big deal I thought. Charged it overnight, installed it in the car and boom, nothing.
Turns out whenever it was unplugged it would loose all the pre inputted settings, time/date etc.

No big deal, Ill just pop back into the store and exchange it...except the new one does the same thing... does the box not say 3.7v 300ma battery??

Needess to say ill be sticking with my gs1000 for now. I returned the second defunk unit. Funniest bit is I reviewed the unit on the CC website and they refuse to publish anything negative, really sad business practice if you ask me.

Short version: If you like being pulled over for flashing blue lights on your dash or dont mind accident footage with no information, buy this unit.
09-24-2014 09:42 AM
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RE: iCan gf6000L dashcam
They don't really publish reviews much at all really. It's a lot less if it was negative or positive.

I even forget you can see sigs.

09-24-2014 05:16 PM
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