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Full Version: Looking for help budget of $2000.00
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Hello, I am search of a new great gaming computer. I have a strict budget of $2000.00 to spend. I am hoping that 2k is able to get me quite a decent rig. I'm new to the whole selecting of parts for computers or building them and was hoping you guys could help me out @ Canada computers with the whole set up. Is 2000 enough for a great rig?

I don't have a good monitor either so I was thinking of conserving some money of that 2k to get a new one that can play at higher resolutions.

Some advice some help here would be fantastic.
Hello Friend,

Go to any CC store and just talk to the sales guys there, 2000 should be enough for a good machine with a decent monitor given there are good monitor sales.
Cant really give you any prices here as sales change all the time.

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