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Full Version: During transferring sql database we got a problem
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Yesterday all the day we tried to relocate our .mdf file from one machine to another. We were copying almost all the day our huge database. In a half of process something troubled, and all was interrupted by unknown reason. We tried to check our data, but source .mdf file was crashed. We attempted to repair database sql data, but none of instrument we used didn't assist us. Our database was created in SQL Server 2012 on Win 8 x64.
Start SQL Server Management Studio
- Click the “Start” button. Move the mouse cursor to the “All Programs” menu, then find and click “Microsoft SQL Server” to open a list of SQL Server programs.
- Click “SQL Server Management Studio” to open the Connect to Server dialog box.
- Select a server on your network. Set the “Authentication” pull-down list to “Windows Authentication” and click the “Connect” button.
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