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Full Version: [Product Request] Please stock TR4/SP3 Enermax Liquid Coolers
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As per the thread title.

Canada computers stocks and sells the Ryzen Threadripper series pf processors. However these do not come with a cpu cooler and only provide a simple bracket for asetek-based liquid coolers. The current asetek coolers you sell are inadequate for properly cooling these processors because their water blocks only cover approximately 80% of the CPU heat spreader.

For this reason I am formally requesting that you stock and sell the following AIO Liquids and Air TR4/SP-3 coolers:

Enermax Liqteck 240 TR4 all-in-1 liquid cooler
Enermax Liqteck 280 TR4 all-in-1 liquid cooler
Enermax Liqteck 360 TR4 all-in-1 liquid cooler
Noctua NH U12S TR4/SP-3 air cooler
Noctua NH U14S TR4/SP-3 air cooler

Thank you
So, no response from Canada Computers? Nothing?

Can you guys please tell me then why we should buy Threadripper processors from you then if you are not supporting them with necessary parts like .... coolers?
CC has a product request page:

I've sent a few things there, but never had a reply from it.
Thanks for that. I've sent in product requests. I'll see if they bother to read them. I included links to their biggest competitor that does stock them. I would personally like to walk into a CC brick & mortar store and buy it rather than wait around for one to be delivered.
The stores probably don't carry it because of profitability reasons are my main guess.
You could most likely walk into the store and special order it, they just take a deposit.
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