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Full Version: Last time I deal with Cc
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I ordered the MSI gaming Xmas bundle for my new MSI laptop on January 18th, they were showing 10 in the warehouse. Order went through fine and money was taken out of my account and was told in the email I would recieved it by Feburary 2nd. Still haven't received an email that it has shipped on January 30th, so I call customer service and was told they would call the warehouse and see what's going on with my order and email me right after, Never got an email back. It is now Feburary 2nd I called them again to be told that they don't have anymore even tho the order went through and money was taken .was also told they were just about to call me about this ( I do not believe that for a sexond). Now I am being informed that it will take up to 15 business days for a refund to go through ( love how they will take your money within a minute of your order going through but take 15 business days to give it back because a supposed system error.
Another satisfied customer
Nice one. good to know of a positive feedback
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