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Full Version: Customer service unreachable
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I need to cancel an order (well, two orders now). I ordered an item online because 2 were listed available in online stock, and the product is notoriously difficult to find (due to sky-high demand). I first selected in-store pickup, since I believed that it would be delivered to the store for me to pick up.. but then discovered after order completion that it would be sourced from store stock. That's not going to work (it's too popular, and I'd be waiting a while).

I tried to cancel that order, but when I couldn't, went ahead with creating a delivery order (which should come from online stock). That's when I discovered that the online counts don't update upon order creation. It's really unlikely that there are really 2 in-stock.. and so I want to cancel that.

If the website had an option to modify/delete orders, or the customer form didn't always give me an SQL error upon submission, or if store employees had ability to adjust online orders, or if anyone at HQ would pick up the phone for any entered selections, this would be an easy problem to fix. Instead, I'm spending all day trying to rectify this problem. Please help me.
Here's an example of the error from the online "Customer Service & Inquiries" form:

1146 - Table 'ccweb.TABLE_CUSTOMER_SERVICE' doesn't exist

insert into TABLE_CUSTOMER_SERVICE (time_start, cus_name, cus_tel, cus_email, about, case_status, invoice_no, weborder_id, service_location, service_mode, issue, bilingual_reply, feedback, call_back, call_date, call_time, member_id) values ([redacted])

The form began to work later yesterday afternoon - but still no response.

I guess I'll write a letter:

Head Office - Richmond Hill
Highway 7 & Leslie Street
75 West Wilmot St.
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 0B7, Canada

Edit/Update: Ok - Looks like things are probably resolved now. I got a message indications that the orders are cancelled and I should receive a refund in 5-10 days.
The website just recently got a major upgrade and a few features are not working correctly since the upgrade, we are sorry for the inconvenience. It's good to hear that the customer contact form has been already fixed and that you have received a reply about your order cancellation.

The upgrade was very much needed (the new website layout looks much better in my opinion) but as a result a few bugs showed up after the upgrade was done. Our web team is working on resolving any remaining bugs.
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