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Full Version: good build ?
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My budget is $ 1650, but I am willing to exceed the budget by up to $ 200 if necessary
The build looks solid. Just a note that there doesn't appear to be a Windows version in there, so don't forget about that. And an SSD for ultra-fast boot-up might be worth considering.
Two points

- Add an SSD

- Consider a Ryzen 1600 and an am4 motherboard instead of the i5, better value.
saw a GEFORCE GTX 1070 SEA HAWK X at the same price as my asus in the other construction so I made a new build.I would like to know if it's really better
Sea hawkx on Canada computer $ 560

For windows, I already have it in stock

I take a modular for my power supply because I have a window on my case :

and Thank you for your comment, i will probably add an ssd
Would like to know what SSD you bought
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