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Full Version: A new website to share deals !!
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some friends and I we have just starting our deals website and I'm really happy to share it with you here

The principle is as follows, users can share their own deals, comment them and vote for deals they found cool or interesting. In this way best deals will go on top and deals with no interest will go down. But above all tell other people if the deals worth it or not and share their opinions about it.

With your advice (and maybe your subscriptions ) we can make of dealandchill a cool website as we want !

Thanks for your help
Why is this better than Red Flag Deals forums? Or Reddit subreddits such as /r/bapcsalescanada ?
We really want it to be a community website with a pure and modern graphic style. Redflagdeal is really messy and impose its own deals, we don't want that. Our slogan is "deals by consumers for consumers" people vote will classify deals by quality and interest. Those who just want acces to deals they will trust community advices and their votes.

I know if you go check website many feature are missing, but we passion and time we can do something great.
I kind of agree about the Redflagdeal being messy but I don't know other sites to look at
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