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I'm starting a thread dedicated to free-to-own games specifically. No "free to play weekend" stuff from Steam, and no "free-to-play" games like Hearthstone or League of Legends. Plain and simple "free-to-own forever" games that would have otherwise cost you $ to purchase.

I will start the thread with...

Need for Speed Most Wanted
Free-to-own on Origin
End of free promo date unknown
Some OG Command and Conquer games are free

They may be hard to get working on newer windows versions.

There is also OpenRA, which is an opensource updated version of the classic Command and Conquer games. They fixed things,etc.
OpenRA is still buggy as shiit, I had a lot of problems with it crashing and stuff. I own C&C TFD: The Final Decade DVD, which has all the C&C and RA games on it and it works on all the versions of Windows. However, Red Alert 1 and C&C one are shitty quality and play at low res. To fix this RA1 issue go here.

It's a RED ALERT 1 with installer and patch. Its a web installer and I think its 1GB or 2 if I remember, anyways you download the whole game, movies, audio, updated patches, online play for CNCNET to play online RA1 with other dudes, map editor, and a special setup launch Window for OpenGL and DirectDraw graphics settings so you can run the game in higher res, like 1024x768 an even higher if you want, without it looking scaly or stretched or shiitty, and most of all it's stable and not broken like OpenRA.

Oh and greatest part to mention, works on all O/S'es from XP to Win 10 x64, even on Linux. Best download!
Make War Not Love 3 - Prize 1 (no cost)
Free-to-own on Steam

  • Jet Set Radio
  • Golden Axe
  • Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit
    • Hell Yeah! Pimp My Rabbit Pack DLC
    • Hell Yeah! Virtual Rabbit Missions DLC

End of free promo date: Saturday Feb 20
Free promo ended earlier than expected. No longer available.

There is another bundle available but this time you will get a Steam code via e-mail. You can request it at: , click on the "Redeem Prize" link.

Current prize is:
  • Streets of Rage II
  • Binary Domain
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins

At the time of this post, additional content will unlock on the website in 1 day, 17 hours:
  • Gunstar Heroes
  • Renegade Ops
  • Viking: Battle for Asgard
Medal of Honor Pacific Assault free on Origin right now!
I tried Pacific Assault. My gosh are the loading times brutal for a 2004 game. Even on my i7-4790k, level loading time is easily 30+ seconds. Reminds me of the brutal loading times for Postal 2.

I can only imagine how much worse these loading times would be if I was still running a Pentium 4 from that period...
Battlefield 4 - Final Stand Expansion
Free-to-own on Origin
End of free promo date unknown

Even if you don't have BF4, clicking the "Download Now" button will give you a warning that you'll own this expansion for free but can't use it until you get BF4.
Uplay now doing a monthly game give away, have to sign in once a month to this site to get it:!/en-GB/ubi30

Prince of Persia Sands of Time is June's free game.
Sweet, I was just playing Watch Dogs earlier today. Played it long time ago on my cousins PS4 and bought it for the hell of it because Steam had it on sale Jun 7th, complete set with all DLC for $20, now back up to $70. It was worth the $20, not a penny more.

Now I get PoP free, sweet deal. Thanks.

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